Christian mario French-Canadian Mario Emery-Paul Brisson, better known as The Vigilant Christian (TVC), is a Christian Young Earth Creationist conspiracy theorist YouTuber. Mario Brisson. I'm The Vigilant Christian Mario from YouTube! I Expose Evil & Preach The Gospel of Jesus Christ #thevigilantchristian # thevigilantchristianmario. The latest Tweets from Mario Brisson (@VigilantChrist): "I liked a @YouTube DAIGLE REVEALS SHE IS NOT A "CHRISTIAN ARTIST" in Interview (). hairy jock anal and cumshot His activities focus on hyper-analyzing music videosend times prophesyingand exposing people as Illuminati shills including fellow christian mario Mark DiceAlex Jonesand David Icke. His favourite word, repeated endlessly about everything, is " say-tanic ". It is unknown if his videos are a joke or intended seriously. As of SeptemberBrisson's main YouTube channel has oversubscribers and million views. The ban on the main channel continued for five months. In FebruaryBrisson posted a farewell video on his Vigilant Vlog channel, announcing he was "stepping down from creating content" for an indeterminate christian mario of time to work on his faith and for other personal matters. In April Brisson claimed that he made half a million dollars on YouTube and that he used his donations on hookers, drugs, alcohol and even mentioned he had "homosexual" thoughts about other men while "surfing" for them on his phone and on other websites. He claimed he was homeless and was receiving government money for "help. In May he christian mario he was going to rehab for 9 months and won't christian mario making videos until he returns. Opinions expressed are solely those of the author s. You spoke common sense about children not making drastic life-altering decisions about sexuality at the age of 3. Your interview with Candace Owens was so…reasonable. But Tinseltown had no tolerance for basic truths about our humanity and parental responsibility. So the cult of transgenderism swiftly wielded its fierceness and caused a father to cower in fear. The American College of Pediatricians, which embraces science instead of activism, lays out those reasons here. skynmen.

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Most of us in the West heard about the schoolgirls from northeastern Nigeria who were kidnapped in by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram. Yet that was only the most infamous instance of Christian persecution in Nigeria, which can be traced back to the 19 th -century Sokoto caliphate. Sharia law was officially established in the region in ,...
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Detectives want to speak with one of two men in connection with a hit-and-run crash in Highland Park that killed two brothers last weekend, police said Thursday. Coronado came forward and spoke with police on Thursday and was allowed to leave, but officers had yet to speak with Ramirez, police said late Thursday.
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Unfortunately Mr. Brisson ruins his hard work by espousing a false plan of salvation, in particular, by promoting Evangelist Paul Washer's Lordship Salvation garbage! If a man is wrong on repentance and salvation, then he is going to be wrong on everything.
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Mario Christian Meyer is a Swiss - Brazilian doctor and advocate for the sustainable development of the Amazonia and preservation of its indigenous cultural heritage. Meyer was born in Salta , Argentina. His father, Hermann Meyer, a Swiss polytechnics engineer specializing in agronomy, became a fazendeiro large plantation farmer , first in Argentina, in the early s, then...
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